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Rules & Bylaws

USSB Tournaments and USSB Premier League will follow USSSA Rules except the following specific rules


1) Check In:

Head Coach/Team Manager must check in with Tournament Director before start of teams 1st game

Head Coach/Team Manager must present team insurance for verification

Head Coach/Team Manager must present a copy of current USSSA roster

(USSB Tournaments suggests each team carry copies of players birth certificate in case of protest)

4) Time Limits:

No inning shall start after time is expired

       Premier League- 8U (1:15) 9U & 10U (1:30) 11U-14U (1:45)

Pool Play- 7U & 8U (1:15) 9U-14U (1:30)

Bracket Play- 7U & 8U (1:15) 9U-12U (1:30) 13U-14U (1:45) (Bracket Play games can be adjusted by Tournament Director)

Championship- 7U & 8U (1:15) 9U-12U (1:30) 13U-14U (1:45)

Pool Game can end in tie

Bracket Play until winner

 Tournament Director may invoke shorter/longer game limits

5) Run Limit:

7U & 8U:  SEVEN (7) runs an inning

6) Ties:

Pool Play can end in tie

Bracket play must play until winner.  IF tied after regulation, the following tie-breaker rules applies: (Last batted out on 2nd, no outs, count full to batter)

7) Mercy Rule:

7U-12U  15 after 3, 8 after 

13U-14U  15 after 3, 12 after 4,  8 after 5

10) Scorekeeper: 

Home Score book is "Official"

11) Scoreboard: 

Visiting team to provide someone to run scoreboard

13) Official Game Cards: 

To be reviewed and signed by coaches.  

Signed cards are final. 

Umpires will note any ejection on the game card

14) Baseballs: 

Teams must supply 2 game balls per game.

15) Dugouts:

No designated dugout, first come, first served.

17) Home Team: 

Pool Play- determined by coin flip

Bracket Play- Higher seed is home

19) Bat Rules: 

All  bats must be stamped BPF 1.15

14U -5 or -3 weight/length ratio.     

All "-3 bats" must be stamped BBCOR

2 1/4, 2 5/8, or 2 3/4 are allowed.

  Penalty- If a coach protests a bat and wins- batter is out, all runners must return to starting point and head coach is ejected from the game + next game.  Umpire   must note on game card of ejection.  If a 2nd player on same team is caught, game will end in forfeit and the team will be ejected from tournament

20) Refund Policy:

100% Refund if "ZERO"  games STARTED

  50% Refund if "ONE" game STARTED 

    0% Refund if "TWO" games STARTED

NO REFUND will be issued for any team that withdraws from a tournament "ON or AFTER the ENTRY DEADLINE" unless the division does not make

NO REFUND will be issued for any team we are forced to withdraw due to MISCLASSIFICATION.  It is the sole responsibility of the COACH and or MANAGER to notify USSB Tournaments of any classification change.

21) Sportsmanship:

Umpires will handle unsportsmanlike conduct on the field of play.  If an umpire has a problem with a fan or parent outside the field of play, the umpire shall go to the coach/manager of that team and request the coach/manager to handle the problem.  If the coach/manager fails to handle the problem, then the umpire will eject the coach/manager for the game; he may also eject the fan or parent if it deems necessary.

The Tournament Director may remove a parent, fan, player, coach/manager from the facility at any time if he observes unsportsmanlike conduct; this includes verbal abuse of umpires.

Always demonstrate good sportsmanship

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